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    Utsav NYC Indian Restaurant

    Utsav Indian NYC
    1185 Avenue of The Americas
    At W 46th St. Near Times Square)
    New York, NY 10036

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    Utsav NYC Review: Below Average Food; Poor Service

    After a less than spectacular lunch at Utsavin MidTown West the other day, we concluded that this Indian restaurant's chef must have dozed off during his cooking school days.

    Below Average Entrees, Pitiful Service

    What turned this lunch experience into an embarrassment for us was that we'd invited a guest little realizing that this was a pretender of an Indian restaurant.

    If the food at Utsav was just dispiritingly ordinary (we're used to that), we wouldn't have complained.

    But what got our goat was that much of the food at Utsav was below par and the service (or lack of it) was pitiful.

    In fact, we had a hard time figuring out which was worse at Utsav - the food or service.

    We had to remind the waiters three times about our order for Mojito cocktail.

    The lumbering Utsav waiters looked like they'd just woken up from a Rip Van Winkle slumber.

    If you are heading to Utsav with hopes of fine Indian food, fuggedaboutit.

    You are probably going to get tastier food from any of the New York Indian food carts (a pity that just four or five NY food carts serve Indian food).

    Bitter Dahi Baingan

    Utsav's Dahi Baingan was too mushy and bitter.

    We suspected that the eggplant arrived at the kitchen in less than perfect form.

    Spiceless Lamb Rogan Josh

    Lamb Rogan Josh was far from the promised Kashmiri delicacy.

    It was a hard, spiceless monstrosity that any self-respecting kitchen would be ashamed of placing before diners.

    Awful Dosa, Uttapam, Mysore Sambar

    Dosas and Uttapams were travesties of the real stuff.

    Way too small and devoid of any taste, they had no reason for existence at all.

    Mysore Sambar and the cold Chutney were so appallingly bad that Utsav's chef should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and handed down the maximum sentence.

    In our view, any Indian restaurant that serves cold Chutney (as in taken out from the fridge) has no respect for its customers.

    Methi Malai Mutter, Chicken Shahi Kurma

    Methi Malai Mutter (dish of pureed spinach, peas, and fenugreek leaves) was one of the few bright spots in a depressingly bland meal.

    Delicious with both Naan bread and rice, the Methi Malai Mutter was proof that Utsav's kitchen was not a complete disaster zone.

    Chicken Shahi Kurma (Cubes of chicken cooked in a rich almond & yogurt sauce flavored with aromatic spices) was the second bright spot in our lunch.

    Although a little mild for our taste-buds, we still enjoyed this flavorful Chicken dish.

    But it was the small Aloo Bondas that carried the day. They were so tasty that we had it again with our Margarita.

    Bad Masala Tea, Mediocre Kulfi, Badam Kheer

    Masala Tea was a concoction that was utterly bereft of any merit.

    At $8.00, the Utsav Kulfi inspired great expectation but failed to fulfil.

    Other desserts like Mango Mousse and Badam Kheer were also nothing to write NYIndia Home about.

    In fact, Utsav's Badam Kheer is a clear instance of wrong labelling because it was basically Rice Kheer with a few Almond pieces carelessly thrown into it.

    Utsav also has a full bar that serves a variety of cocktails. Among the ones we tried, Mango Margarita was the clear winner.

    But the service again was sloppy.

    Utsav NYC Rating

    Overall, much of the food at Utsav turned out to be assaults on the taste buds while service was conspicuous only by its absence.- © NYIndia.us

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