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Minar NYC Indian Restaurant

Minar NYC
138 W.46 St
(Btwn 6th & 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10036

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minar nyc w 46th st

Minar NYC Review: Stinking Toilet; Lousy Sambar; OK Food

Of the scores of Indian restaurants in NYC we've dined at, Minar on W.46th St easily wins the top prize for the most stinking, most dirty toilet.

We went to the restroom to wash our hands and ran out in horror in less than a nanosecond as the stench and filth was unbearable to humans.

The two Indian women (the old hag and the middle-aged sexy type with the baseball cap and the smile of a retard) sitting behind the steam-table were far too busy chatting with the chef to bother about anything else.

What the f*ck is the chutiya owner of Minar doing. Too busy wanking off to pay attention?

OK Food

Over the last few years, our eyes often fell on Minar on W.46th St as we were driving through in Midtown Manhattan.

But we never stopped or even slowed down until the other day.

Hungry as Bakasura, we stopped by and ordered a wide variety of items and sampled 'em all.

We were not great fans of Lamb Kheema in NYC because it's often a travesty of the real thing.

Until we had the Minar platter.

Boy, was this spicy delight good. Whatever magic wand the chef waved to make it so flavorful, we wish the other NYC restaurants do the same to their Lamb Kheema.

Chicken Tikka was alright but the meat could have been more tender. The gravy was fine though, particularly with the rice.

Palak Paneer was delicious and a worthy, flavorful accompaniment to both Naan Bread and Rice.

Alu Gobi was horrible. You see the Gobi was not properly cooked and had a raw flavor. A disgrace.

Cucumber Raita was fine and we didn't have any complaints with the Alu Mutter either.

Lazy, Greedy Swines

we'd put the Mysore Masala Dosa in the OK category but the potato filling was soggy, far too much in quantity and the Chutneys were too cold and definitely not fresh.

Lazy, Greedy Swines, the Minar folks. They want your money but don't care to provide fresh, palatable Chutney.

Coconut Chutney was a tasteless abomination while Sambar was a disgrace. Extremely hot (temperature-wise, that is), the Sambar was low on Tamarind and low on Sambar Spices.

Plain Naan ($1) was alright but we didn't see any evidence of butter or oil daubed on it.

By the way, the vegetarian Platter is $6.95 and the Non-Vegetarian Platter $7.95.

Service at this self-serve restaurant is non-existent. You pay at the counter and pick your choice from the steam-table or order from the menu on the wall. That's it.

The old crone behind the counter didn't check with us before pouring the curry on our rice. Actually, we wanted to have it with Naan.

Minar NYC - Rating

Its few inadequacies notwithstanding we'd still award passing grade to Minar on W.46th St, mostly because of its peerless Lamb Kheema and Palak Paneer. - © NYIndia.us.

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