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Bombay Fast Food NYC Indian Restaurant

Bombay Fast Food NYC
1013 Avenue of The Americas
(Bet W 37th & 38th St)
New York, NY 10018

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bombay fast food nyc

Bombay Fast Food: Awful Samosa Chaat and Good North Indian Meals

Whenever I see an Indian restaurant in NYC, my stomach starts bellowing!

No matter the time, I start drooling and feel the pangs of hunger.

Just the other day, I was ambling along 6th Ave (near Macy's) when I spotted Bombay Fast Food.

Bombay Fast Food Ambience

When I walked into Bombay Fast Food around 3:30PM, there was just one diner digging into his Samosas and tea.

Bombay Fast Food is not a restaurant where a waiter greets you and promptly ushers you to a table.

Hey, it is a fast food place and I did not expect any of that.

Bombay Fast Food offers Indian curries as well as the 75 cents Pizza slice.

The Indian Curry counter is at the rear end of the restaurant and the Pizza counter near the entrance.

You go to the Indian curry counter, look up the menu on the wall, place your order and wait at a table for your food to get ready.

Finish your meal and make the payment at the cash counter on the right side on your way out.

I ordered Samosa Chaat for dine-in and North Indian Meals for takeout.

Here's my take on Bombay Fast Food's Samosa Chaat and North Indian Meals:

bombay fast food samosa chaat
Awful Samosa Chaat - $6.99
bombay fast food north indian meals
Good North Indian Meals - $7.99

Awful Samosa Chaat

Samosa Chaat was ready in about six minutes and looked attractive with chopped onions, tomatoes and chickpeas.

It looked so appealing that I lunged after my plate only to retreat in horror.

By God, it tasted awful.

Cursing the Bombay Fast Food for spoiling my mood with an awful Samosa Chaat, I picked up my takeout order of North Indian meals and headed home.

Good North Indian Meals

My order of North Indian Meals included Malai Kofta, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Dal, Pulao Rice, Three Rotis, Lime Pickle, Sweet Boondi, Cut Onions.

Bombay Fast Food Rating

Notwithstanding my disastrous experience with Samosa Chaat, I would still recommend Bombay Fast Food for its good North Indian Meals.

Bombay Fast Food North Indian Meals are reasonably priced and for $7.99 you get to eat a decent, tasty meal.

Hey, they even give you a one-dollar discount if you order any two food items. I got a discount of one dollar on my North Indian Meals since I ordered Samosa Chaat as well.

But Bombay Fast Food is not for every one.

Avoid Bombay Fast Food if you are finicky about ambience. The restaurant looks like a dump.

But if you are looking for sumptuous, tasty north Indian meal at cheap prices Bombay Fast Food is the place to go. - © NYIndia.us

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