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Mithaas Pakistani Restaurant

Mithaas Brooklyn
1150 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230

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mithaas coney island ave

Mithaas Brooklyn: Delicious Sweets, Tasty Bhindi Curry

Happy with our experience at Bukhari Pakistani restaurant, we returned to Coney Island Avenue to explore the Pakistani enclave further.

This time around 8:00 a.m.

You see while returning from Bukhari we realized that the area has dedicated sweets stores.

So we basically wanted to explore the Pakistani sweets and made Mithaas Bakery, Sweets and Fast Food at the corner of Ave H and Coney Island Avenue our port of call.


When we walked into Mithaas, the bakery and fast food center was quiet. There was just one diner leisurely sipping his Tea.

As you enter Mithaas, you have a brightly lit spacious dining room with neatly arranged tables, bakery counter on the left, sweets counter next to it and a long food counter at the opposite end.

We went to the food counter and asked the waiter if they had any vegetarian items.

The Pakistani waiter had some difficulty in understanding English. So we repeated our question slowly to ensure he followed us clearly.

We ordered one Vegetable Samosa, Bhindi Curry (the only Vegetarian curry available during our visit) and two rotis.

Our total bill for the food came to $7.50.

We paid the amount and waited at a table for our food to arrive.

Good Food

All the items we ordered came together neatly placed in clean plastic plates.

Bhindi was tender, included a few tomato slices and a lime piece.

Serving size was decent and we found the subtly spiced Bhindi flavorful.

Two Rotis came hot to the table. They were soft with freshly prepared texture and we enjoyed them with Bhindi curry.

mithaas sweets brooklyn
Delicious Sweets - $6 per pound
gourmet sweets brooklyn
Bhindi Curry, Roti, Samosa,
Salad & Raita - $7.50
The Samosa too found favor with us. It was stuffed with subtly spiced Potato curry.

Our Bhindi Curry came with a small serving size of Salad and Raita

Raita was alright but the Salad did not have any seasoning or dressing.

Delicious Sweets

After finishing our Bhindi-Roti mini breakfast, we headed to the sweets counter and purchased one pound of assorted sweets for $6.00.

We picked the sweets - a total of seven pieces.

Here's our take on Mithaas Sweets:

Mithaas Coney Island Ave Rating

Not withstanding our minor discomfort about the ability of waitstaff to understand English we would return to Mithass to pick up another pound of their delicious sweets.

After all they are as good as sweets sold in an Indian store and cheaper too.

Hey, if we lived in the area you can be sure we'd drop in every day for those divine sweets.- © NYIndia.us

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