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Tawa Tandoor 74th St Jackson Heights

Tawa Tandoor
37-56 74th St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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tawa tandoor Jackson Heights

Tawa Tandoor Jackson Heights: Crappy Indian Food; Poor Service

Bad Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights, NYC are like those ugly cockroaches.

One ugly cockroach disappears and before you can heave a sigh of relief another cockroach crappy Indian restaurant crops up in its place.

We had so much hope from Tawa Tandoor on 74th St in Jackson Heights but, alas, we returned terribly disappointed.

This restaurant has been open for well over six months and yet seems to be struggling to offer decent food and service to paying diners.

Disappointing Indian Food
During our recent visit to Tawa Tandoor, we found much of the food unpalatable and some downright inedible.

After one too many a disappointing dish, we couldn't help wondering if the dishwashers at Tawa Tandoor also do double-duty as cooks at this so-called Indian restaurant.

Horrid Chicken Curry
In so many years of eating Chicken curry, we've never had one so inedibly bland and as bad as the Tawa Tandoor version. A tasteless, unspiced monstrosity, it was surely an egregious instance of mislabeling.

Chicken Fried Rice was too dry and flavorless to give any comfort.

Chicken Tikka Masala was no better or no worse than what you get at scores of NYC Indian restaurants. Just did not tingle our tastebuds.

Bad Vegetarian Food
To establish its bad credentials on the vegetarian side as well, the bumbling bozos in Tawa Tandoor's kitchen offered us Bhindi Masala without any of the masala or rich spices.

Au contraire, what ended up on our table was a sweetish horror show.

Mutter Paneer was a little sour with the Paneer showing a slightly burned taste.

Sag Channa was the best amongst the worst. It was medium thick and moderately spiced.

Tadka Dal had far too much garlic than warranted.

In our not-so-humble opinion, if an Indian restaurant can't get the simple Dal right it can't get anything else right.

Nice Masala Chai
The only delicious part of our meal was Masala Tea.

It was heaven with the right proportion of milk, water, tea and spices. And it came piping hot to the table.

But that was a singular exception in an otherwise lousy meal.

Poor Service
Items at the buffet station were mislabeled.

A non-vegetarian item had a vegetarian label and vice versa.

Such carelessness speaks of callous indifference of Tawa Tandoor to the sensitivities of paying diners.

We overheard the waiters walking up to non-Indian diners and telling them about Tandoori Chicken to be delivered to their tables. But no one came to our table.

So as we neared the end of our meal, we asked the manager (??) in the gray suit about the Tandoori Chicken. He responded stiffly, If you want, I will get.

We were too horrified at the disgusting attitude of this clown. It is true that a lot of Indian restaurants in NYC routinely treat Indian diners badly but Tawa Tandoor in Jackson Heights takes such cruelty to a new high.

By the way, the careless waitstaff forgot to charge us for the Masala Chai. No, we did not bother to remind the bozos. ;)

Tawa Tandoor Rating - Just Not Worth It
Given the overall poor quality of food here, we recommend to avoid Tawa Tandoor if you care about a good Indian meal. - © NYIndia.us

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