Indian Astrologers in New York

Indians may have moved to NYC or one of its five boroughs in search of better prospects.

But whether they are in New York or in Navi Mumbai when it comes to things like finding an auspicious day to start a business or fixing wedding date for a son/ daughter, Indians follow their traditions and culture religiously.

To cater to the cultural and religious requirements of Indians in New York, a few astrologers and Hindu priests now offer horoscope reading, perform house warming ceremonies, weddings, car pujas, or fix auspicious time for opening a new business.

Baljeet Shastri
241-30 85 th Rd
Bellrose, NY 11426
Ph: 718-347-4466

Vishnu Sharma
94-31 60th Ave, #3-E
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Ph: 718-699-6414