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Jackson Diner NYC Indian Restaurant

Jackson Diner NYC
72 University Place
New York, NY 10003

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jackson diner university place

Jackson Diner NYC Review: Unimpressive Indian Food

That a lot of hype does not translate into a fine Indian restaurant is strongly proven by the Manhattan outpost of Jackson Diner in University Place (at the site of the defunct Cafe Spice).

We scampered across the vast steppes of Indian cuisine at Jackson Diner, stopping for a bite here, a nibble there and a sip yonder but there was hardly anything that stood out.

If we were to grade the restaurant, we'd give it a C+ or B- at best.

Nothing that jerked us out of our chair into a swooning fit.

Dal Makhani - An Embarrassment
We've long been of the opinion that an Indian restaurant that fails to get simple stuff like Dal Makhani, Naan Bread, Tandoori Chicken and Mint Chutney right is unlikely to be a standout restaurant.

At Jackson Diner NYC, Dal Makhani was a disgrace. There was not an iota of flavor in the Dal and it seemed to us that it hadn't been seasoned at all. The inept buffoons in Jackson Diner's kitchen seem to think boiled lentils is the same as Dal Makhani. No, it is not.

jackson diner nyc
Dal Makhani (top)
Chicken Makhani (bottom left)
Tandoori Vegetables (bottom right)
jackson diner nyc
Saag Paneer (top left)
Naan Bread (top right)

Tandoori Vegetables was another letdown. Hot (temperature-wise) but without any discernible marination, this tasteless junk should never have been placed before diners.

Indian food derives its magic from an incredible array of spices that go into its making and the resulting heat it puts out. Sadly, much of the food at Jackson Diner seemed tailored for effete American palates that shudder at the word spicy.

Alu Gobi and Sag Paneer were too mildly spiced to find favor with us. As if that were not bad enough, the Gobi was overcooked.

Decent Tandori Chicken
Most NYC Indian restaurants offer Tandoori Chicken and mostly it's an inedible disaster.

jackson diner nyc
Green Chutney (top)
Tandoori Chicken (bottom right)
jackson diner univeristy place
Rice Kheer

While not exemplary, Tandoori Chicken here was alright. Moist and with decent marination, it didn't give much cause for complaint.

We enjoyed the Chicken Makhani in the creamy, tasty yummy sauce. Delicious.

Some pieces of Naan Bread had a nice buttery texture while others were unpalatable.

Lousy Desserts
It's a shame that Jackson Diner NYC couldn't get the simplest of Indian desserts - Rice Kheer - right.

Some buffoon in the kitchen just threw in raw Cashews into the Kheer, instead of adding fried Cashew Nuts. Worse, the Rice Kheer was short of sugar.

The inept kitchen also sent out Masala Chai with more milk than required.

Lousy Service
During our visit, the restaurant had few diners but still service was woefully inadequate.

We had a hard time corralling a waiter for more Naan Bread or for ordering Masala Chai.

Clearly, the dining room staff at Jackson Diner need a lot of training before they are unleashed on diners.

Jackson Diner NYC - Rating
It's unlikely that we'd take the trouble to revisit Jackson Diner NYC or recommend it to others.

Sweetie, if you have not visited Jackson Diner NYC yet, you haven't missed much.- © NYIndia.us

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