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Benares NYC Indian Restaurant

Benares NYC
240 W. 56th St
New York, NY 10019

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benares nyc indian restaurant w. 56th st

Benares NYC Review: Below Average

Some NYC Indian restaurants like Benares on W.56th St, it seems, inherit the bad karma of previous occupants of the space.

As Indian food aficionados in NYC have quickly realized, Benares opened in the place of Baluchi's that closed recently.

It's not merely the space that Benares took over. Some of the waiters too in Benares look like they came over with the space. We recognized at least one waiter from Baluchi's.

Like our unpleasant meal at Baluchi's W.56th St from a few years ago, much of the food we recently tasted at Benares fell in the category of Below Average.

By the way, Indian restaurateur Inder Singh (of Minar fame) has partnered with chef Peter Beck in Benares.

Benares W.56th St - Ambience

As you enter Benares, you have tables in the front, center and side, cash counter on the far left corner and lunch buffet station on the far right corner of the dining room.

When we stepped in, a few Caucasian diners were nibbling into their curries and the waiters briskly moving hither and thither.

We were greeted by a medium height bald Indian man (owner??) with a smile.

The smile made us happy since encountering a smile at an Indian restaurant is unusual for Indian diners. In our experience, smiles at a lot of Indian restaurants in the U.S. are usually reserved for Americans.

Not a bad start we told ourselves.

Dirty Table

But as we were settling down, we noticed our table was dirty with yellow colored food stains.

As if this were not bad enough, the steel fork and knife was kept directly on the table on either side of the white paper napkin.

In our opinion keeping the silver directly on the table is an unhygienic practice and especially so when the tables are not cleaned properly.

Benares has already earned a "F" Grade on hygiene from us.

Benares NYC - Lunch Buffet

During our visit, we let our palate graze on the vast prairie of Indian cuisine.

We sampled Samosa for appetizers, Green Chutney, Salad, Pulao Rice, Malwani Fish Curry, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Channa Masala, Saag Paneer, Yellow Dal, Baingan, Naan Bread for main course and Rasmalai and Gajar Halwa for desserts.

Much of the food we tasted at Benares NYC (with the exception of Malwani Fish Curry and Rasmalai) belong to the flavorless category.

Here's our take on various items we sampled at Benares NYC Indian restaurant on W.56th St.


Chicken Entrees