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Gourmet Sweets NYC

Gourmet Sweets Brooklyn
1107 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230

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gourmet sweets coney island ave

Gourmet Sweets Brooklyn: Good Lahore Kulfi and Lahore Nashta

It was Lahore Kulfi that lured us to Gourmet Sweets on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

You see we are ardent lovers of Indian ice creams, especially the Kulfi version.

Impulsively we walked into Gourmet Sweets the other day when we spotted the sign Lahore Kulfi.

We're familiar with Mango Kulfi, Malai Kulfi, Tuti Fruiti Kulfi, Pistachio Kulfi etc. but had never heard of Lahore Kulfi before.

Also we wanted to know the difference between Pakistani Lahore Kulfi and the Indian Kulfi ice cream we love so much.

Gourmet Sweets Ambience

As you enter Gourmet Sweets, you have a huge food and sweets counter on the right along with a menu board on the wall.

The dining tables are on the left side.

The restaurant looked clean and we were greeted by a middle aged Pakistani waiter (owner - he mentioned it later) sporting a warm smile.

Since the purpose of our visit was to taste the Lahore Kulfi, we quickly placed our order of Lahore Kulfi.

While placing the order we enquired how Lahore Kulfi is different from the Indian Kulfi.

The middle aged waiter responded saying that he never had Indian Kulfi and does not know the difference. He mentioned that Lahore Kulfi is a popular street snack in the city of Lahore and his Kulfi is prepared in house.

Lahore Kulfi

Our order of Lahore Kulfi came on a stick. The Kulfi stick was neatly wrapped in a wrapping paper and served in a plate.

gourmet sweets brooklynLahore Kulfi
The elderly waiter who served the Kulfi explained to us that Lahore Kulfi includes Almonds, Pistachio and Green Cardamom.

Lahore Kulfi Vs Indian Kulfi

As far as taste and texture, Lahore Kulfi is no different from the Indian Kulfi.

The only thing is Indian Kulfi comes both on a stick as well as in the cubed form. Kulfi sticks are usually available in Indian grocery stores while Indian restaurants mostly serve Kulfi in cubed form.

Lahore Kulfi was firm with slightly rough texture and was delicious. We'd have been happier if some more sugar had been added to our Kulfi.

Lahore Nashta

As we were finishing our Kulfis and readying to pay the bill, the exuberant Pakistani middle aged waiter/owner spun a good sales pitch and persuaded us to taste Lahore Nashta and Tea.

Since we live to eat, we easily succumbed to his persuasion.

Lahore Nashta ($5) includes two hot Pooris served with Channa Masala and Halwa.

Lahore Nashta is similar to the Indian Channa Batura with added attraction of Halwa.

We chose Kashmir Tea to go with the Lahore Nashta.

gourmet sweets brooklyn
Channa Masala, Poori
gourmet sweets coney island avenue
Two hot Pooris and Channa Masala landed on our table in about 10 minutes followed by Halwa and Kashmir Tea.

Here's our take on Lahore Nashta:

Kashmir Tea

Kashmir Tea came piping hot to the table. It looked and tasted like the hot Rose Milk that we are used to back home in India.

gourmet sweets brooklynGood Kashmir Tea
Our total bill for two Lahore Kulfis, One order of Lahore Nashta and One Kashmir Tea came to $12.00.

We paid our bill with cash and went back to exploring the Pakistani enclave on Coney Island Avenue with hot Kashmir Tea in our hand.

No, we did not get any receipt for our cash payment.

We were also uncomfortable seeing the owner yelling at one of his workers (the guy mopping the floor) in front of us and threatening to fire him.

The restroom downstairs was clean.

Gourmet Sweets Rating

All in all we enjoyed the Lahore Kulfi, Kashmir Tea and Lahore Nashta.

We plan to return to Gourmet Sweets to try its other sweets. But will surely avoid Halwa. - - © NYIndia.us

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