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Dosa Delight Jackson Heights Review

Dosa Delight
35-66 73rd St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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dosa delight 73rd st

Dosa Delight Jackson Heights: Smelly Idli, Crappy Dosa, Thieving Swines

Most visits to an Indian restaurant in the New York/ New Jersey area turn into a uniquely bad experience.

Some restaurants like Bhojan, NYC serve stale Samosas, others like Mirchi, NJ serve food with hovering flies and a few like Vatan, NJ behave like beggars.

And then there are the thieving swines like Dosa Delight in Jackson Heights that do not return the change when you make a cash payment. More on this later.

Whether it's stale samosas or hovering flies or failing to return the change due to the customer, all these unsavory practices leave hapless diners at Indian restaurants in NYC/NJ seething with disgust and boiling with rage.

Dosa Delight - Pathetic Indian Food
Desperate for our favorite Dosa and Idli-Vada fix, we stepped into Dosa Delight on 73rd St in Jackson Heights the other day.

When we walked in around 2:00 p.m. the restaurant had about 12 diners which raised our hopes of having a nice South Indian meal. Alas! if you go by our experience numbers mean nothing.

We ordered the South Indian staples of Idli, Vada, Pondicherry Dosa and Madras Coffee. Alas, our meal ended in a complete disappointment.

Smelly, Hard Saltless Idli
Our order of Idli ($3.99 for two pieces) came with coconut chutney and sambar.

Idli was warm and that's just about all we can say in its favor.

Idli was hard, smelly and tasteless. The accompanying coconut chutney though not freezing cold was bland and we did not relish it one bit. Sambar was hot but had just a small piece of tomato and a slice of carrot.

The smelly hard Idlis with bland coconut chutney and flavorless sambar turned our Idli-eating experience into a mini nightmare. Much as we hate to waste food, we had no choice but to waste it.

Tasteless Medhu Vadas
Medhu Vada came hot to the table and the outer covering was crisp and cooked evenly inside.

But the vada was so tasteless as it lacked the customary cut green chillies and black pepper seeds that give the nice flavor to this South Indian dish. In the absence of any spice, Dosa Delight's vada turned out to be like eating fried black lentil flour balls. The accompanying bland coconut chutney and flavorless Sambar only compounded our misery.

Burnt Pondicherry Dosa
Our order of Pondicherry Dosa landed on the table in four pieces dripping with oil along with bland coconut chutney and flavorless sambar.

Folks, there were several problems with Dosa Delight's Pondicherry Dosa.

If you are hankering for a good Pondicherry Dosa in NYC, we suggest you make a trip to NY Dosa Cart at Washington Square Park and Sullivan Street in NYC.

Flavorless Madras Coffee
Folks, sometimes when it rains it pours.

That is precisely what happened to us. The merciless fiends at Dosa Delight heaped more misery on us. Our order of Madras Coffee came hot but was way too strong with proportion of milk and coffee decoction gone awry, way too watery and lacked the magic flavor of real Madras Coffee.

Spotty Service and Thieving Practices
As we entered Dosa Delight around 2 p.m., we were greeted by a tall bald waiter and quickly shown a table. The same bald waiter brought the menu and filled one water glass and left the other glass half filled.

Minutes after we placed our order, another waiter (from Sri Lanka) wearing a baseball cap emerged from nowhere and enquired whether we are ready to place the order. We were taken aback and politely informed him that we had already placed our order.

The used plates were removed promptly and water glasses were subsequently filled fully but what shocked us and angered us was the thieving practices of Dosa Delight wait-staff and the cash counter person.

You see, when we requested for our check a Hispanic waiter promptly got us the bill. We placed a $20 note in the black folder along with the bill which was picked up by the Sri Lankan waiter wearing a baseball cap who never bothered to bring the change back.

We waited a few minutes but they never got the change back. We'd have left the balance as tip to the waiters in any case but tipping must be our choice not expropriated from us. Thieving swines!

Dosa Delight Rating
All in all, our South Indian meal experience at Dosa Delight turned out to be a disaster and we left the restaurant vowing never to return to this crappy place again. - © NYIndia.us

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