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Curry Dream NYC Indian Restaurant

Curry Dream Midtown West
66 W 39th St
(Bet 5th & 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10018

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curry dream nyc

Curry Dream NYC Review: Average Indian Food

Located next to New York Bartending School and a Sushi bar in Midtown Manhattan is Curry Dream Indian restaurant on W.39th St.

We were ambling around Times Square checking out the huge Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG billboards when the hunger Gods bellowed out that the tank was empty and needed replenishing.

Unable to resist our craving for curries, we decided to check out nearby Indian restaurants in Midtown Manhattan. That's how we stumbled upon Curry Dream on W.39th St.

Curry Dream offers both lunch platters ($6.95-$7.95) and a lunch buffet ($11.95).

Since one gets to taste a greater variety of curries with the buffet, we opted for it.


When we walked in, the restaurant was quiet. Looked it had just opened.

Curry Dream NYC Ambiance © nyindia.us
The restaurant and tables with white cloth looked clean. Silver is left on top of the table-cloth and drinking water glasses were placed upside down.

We were seated promptly after checking the size of our group.

Lunch Buffet

During our visit, Curry Dream's lunch buffet included the standard chicken items Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala for meat eaters.

For herbivores, vegetarian items on the buffet included Alu Gobi, Alu Palak, Dal Makhani, Cabbage Baji. There was my favorite Mango relish and diced Onion red chutney.

Rice Pudding was the dessert item.

Naan bread and rice were served hot at the table.


Tandoori Chicken was juicy, well marinated and delicious.

Tandoori Chicken included both regular well roasted pieces and some with nice char.

Curry Dream NYC Tandoori Chicken © nyindia.usChar Boiled Tandoori Chicken (right)
Both were good and we had no complaints about the marination or roasting.

A good start, we thought. Then we hit a pot hole with the Chicken Tikka Masala.

Curry Dream NYC Chicken Tikka Masala © nyindia.usChicken Tikka Masala (bottom) Alu Palak (top),
Naan Bread (left)
Set in a bit watery orangish gravy, Chicken Tikka Massala brought us down with a thud.

You see, the chicken pieces in Chicken Tikka Masala were not tender and also did not absorb the spices well.

Chicken Tikka Masala is a commonplace item these days and there's no excuse for not getting this right.

Vegetarian Curries

Disappointed with Chicken Tikka Masala, we moved on to the vegetarian curries starting with Alu Palak (wrongly labeled as Paneer Palak). Little did we realize what was in store for us.

Alu Palak had a raw taste and flavor suggested poor seasoning of the spices into the vegetables.

Curry Dream NYC Veg Curries © nyindia.usAlu Gobi (bottom) Dal Makhani (top right),
Cabbage Baji(top left), Rice (center)
Cabbage Baji and Alu Gobi did not yield much joy either.

While Cabbage Baji was awful with a raw flavor.

Alu Gobi was so tasteless it brought us close to tears. Devoid of any seasoning, it felt like we were eating well boiled chunks of Cauliflower and Potato.

Some relief came in the form of Dal Makhani.

While Curry Dream's Dal Makhani is not the best we've tasted, it is in the average category.

Naan Bread, Rice

One of the few good things about Curry Dream's lunch buffet is that bread is served at the table. They are not dumped at the buffet station in a heap like at most Indian Indian restaurants.

Naan bread came hot to the table. It was alright, but could have done with a daub of butter.

Curry Dream NYC Rice © nyindia.usRice
Rice was piping hot with a fresh texture and included green peas. The serving size was decent.


Rice Pudding was the only dessert available during our visit.

Curry Dream NYC Desserts © nyindia.usRice Pudding
It was not bad but did not fall in the delicious category.

It's a shame that an Indian lunch buffet costing $11.95 had only one dessert. That's certainly not good value for money.

Curry Dream NYC Rating

On the whole, our Curry Dream outing turned out to be an average experience.

With the exception of Tandoori Chicken, most of the curries did not appeal to our taste buds much.

It's unlikely we'll heading back any time soon. - © NYIndia.us

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